Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Upcycled bag............

My recyled guild challenge is finished - I think it turned out just fine and I ended up liking the lining fabric I bought although I was questioning my choice yesterday. It's a huge tote bag - perfect for it's intended job of toting things out to the RV for weekend trips.......longer trips I use a bigger duffel. I can see things I would have done differently colorwise now that I know the clear plastic bags add a lot of  'white' to the weaving. Before I did the sewing I had visions of making lots of these bags, although a more normal size tote, since I seem to have a large growing supply of the bags from my fiber orders...........but the sewing wasn't all that much fun so will have to think more on that idea.

The other guild challenge is due in June - that one we have to create something inspired by a scent we received - I have cinnamon. I do have my idea for that - just need to execute and hope it works - pictures to come when I get around to it. First it's back to weaving - scarf inventory is getting a bit low.


  1. Great bag!!!! You could make Christmas orements with cinnamon. I forget the exact recipe but I'm sure its on the web.

  2. I made some of those cinnamon christmas ornaments one year using a sheep cookie cutter - I've got that recipe around here somewhere.
    This time going to make needlefelted sheep with cinnamon stick legs.


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