Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finished scarves.......

Here is the picture of the latest scarves to come off the loom - rayon, tencel and a novelty ribbon. I had originally planned to twist the fringes but seeing how pretty the ribbon is I'm not sure........will think on it.

I'm still planning my day - power company notified us last week that today the power will be shut off at 10am until at least 3pm - they've been replacing poles and wire for weeks, not sure what the activity is for today requiring no power. That means not enough light for winding a warp, threading heddles and starting to weave, no power for the sewing machine but most important no power for the well pump and for internet - yikes! I have filled the tubs with water to flush toilets and have filled numerous water bottles and pitchers. So, the question is what to do....other than going out shopping (not my favorite activity). So, I'm quickly sewing up a sheep body before power goes out that I can stuff and needlefelt it today as my other guild yearly challenge (will post pictures and explanation later.....if it turns out). Since it's already a beautiful day looks like I'll spend much of it out on the deck enjoying the flowers planted yesterday - will spin, knit, read. I can hook up little speakers to my mp3 player or CD player - all run on batteries. Should be a very nice day.

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  1. It looks lovely!
    I hope you enjoyed your day.


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