Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I'm up to now..........

I'm finally back to the wheel, been missing my spinning but been spending more time weaving and knitting lately. This is some of my hand-dyed roving that I had put aside when doing production dyeing - I loved these colors as I was dyeing them.

Here is a picture of the ear flapper hat I knit earlier last month. I would have posted it earlier but left it over someone's house - just got it back yesterday. This came about from my friend Yvonne wanting to learn how to knit an ear flapper hat. I've completed this one, she's completed a number of them - saw the latest one on the needles yesterday. You can read more about how it came about on Yvonne's blog.

Monday I washed the 3 tencel scarves, they're now waiting to have the fringes twisted using my trusty Conair hair twister - it's a great fast way to twist fringes, battery powered in each direction. It would be very scary to actually use this on my hair. Speaking of hair, Monday I also got 8+ inches of mine cut off - it's still below shoulder length, may eventually go another inch or two shorter......was getting very tired of it strangling me at night and taking hours to dry. Oh, so back to Monday - I put a warp for 3 scarves on the loom in a seacell/silk blend, just a simple lace pattern. I'm very anxious to get back to this warp so I can see how it feels and drapes after washing. But not today - supposedly the (daily) fog will burn off soon and it will be sunny and warm (for a change) so I'll be working outside cutting back bushes & plants. Tomorrow the rain comes, snow in the higher elevations, maybe a bit here at our house.