Monday, February 23, 2009

More Stainless on the loom

This is the warp I wound and got on the loom this morning. The warp is 8/2 tencel in black, grey & light grey, the weft is Habu stainless steel & silk in a grey color. One picture shows hemstitching in progress at the beginning of the scarf - the needle is not my usual tapestry needle but a regular sewing needle to show how small the grist is of the stainless steel silk. It does kink a bit but not too bad at all, it's very easy to weave with just like the stainless steel wool. Another picture of what the scarf is looking like as I weave, colors in the warp gradually changing to the next color. Then another picture where I held my hand under the scarf to show just how transparent and fine this scarf is. I'm anxious to see how it reacts after it's finished and washed, should hold a scrunch like the stainless steel wool. I usually put on very long scarf warps but in sampling many of these different fibers I've only put on enough for one scarf - this time I'll get two scarves off this warp....haven't decided if I'll use the stainless silk on the next one or just use some tencel......will decide when I get to it.