Friday, February 13, 2009

On the loom today

Here's what I dressed the loom with this morning, already half woven. It's a huck pattern that I thought would be perfect for this second hemp blend scarf. This is a different blend; I was a bit worried about it feeling too heavy so this very open weave, similar looking to a canvas or leno 'should' work. Hopefully after washing it will turn out nice, will know by tomorrow morning after it's been washed and has dried overnight.

I'm going back to weaving bamboo after this warp - 2 different warps & weave structures. I need to find out the shrinkage rate so it can be included the the guild program next month. So far all my bamboo has been hand-dyed by me first or mixed with other fibers which changes that figure. And still another seacell blend to try out.

I've woven with tencel for years and bamboo for the past few years but all these other newer fibers have been very fun to experiement with.