Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More freebies.

I've got a few more giveaways for anyone in the US or Canada - just leave me a comment with what you're interested in and a way of getting in touch with you. I also still have a few other items from my post of June 25th that are still available - the Hummingbird applique pattern, the Notion Nanny pattern and the Welcome Quilt pattern.  I'm working on passing on things that someone else may be interested in rather than letting them languish in my studio.

This pattern has been spoken for - it's no longer available
Sewing Bird pattern - pincushion. This is really cute - I made several of these for gifts

Veronica Pocketbook - I never made this one

The Urban Knitter book by Lily Chin.  I got this in a raffle basket and won't use any of the patterns but maybe someone else will. It's autographed.

I spent a good portion of my day ridding the studio of paper. Tons of old catalogs will be heading to recycling along with a huge bag of old weaving guild newsletters. I found I never have gone back to look at them so no need for them to clutter up the space. I also had several notebooks from Convergences and ANWG conferences - I've never opened them since putting them together. I now have a nice supply of empty notebooks and many page protectors that I can use for weaving project records. Hmm, what shall I tackle next.........

Not happy about big copter flying over - can't see any smoke plumes and haven't been able to find out if there's a new fire.....hoping not.  It was the giant snorkel copter that sucks water in to drop on a fire rather than using a bucket.  It went over yesterday but was gone quite a while before coming back so I was assuming it went to a fire west of us in Agness......but this was a very short trip before it came back over the house.  And it's such a big copter it shakes the house, there's no missing it flying over. Have I said yet today that I hate fire season..........well, you haven't heard it but yes, I have said it to Bailey, our golden, he and I discuss the heat and fire danger every single day. Approximately 7 more weeks of fire may very well be longer than that but we often have at least one good rainfall toward the end of September that makes me breathe a little easier.


  1. Cindie, I don't think there are any new big fires over your way but today and tomorrow for all of us I think are red flag warning days. Fingers crossed we both make it through in our respective areas. Having said that I would adore that little bird pin cushion pattern!

  2. The bird pin cushion pattern is yours Theresa - it's adorable.

    Since I haven't heard of any new fires here I'm making an assumption that the copters are flying over to the Collier Fire near Agness. I thought they had a place for copters there but maybe the big snorkel is coming from our area. The day before it just went over and back a few hours later but yesterday it was a little nerve wracking as they were going over the house every 30 minutes or so.


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