Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Handspun merino

I finally washed and blocked the merino I had been spinning. The top 3 skeins were my hand-dyed plied with Ashland Bay merino in the Seafoam colorway, 1,125 yards. The bottom skein was the same hand-dyed plied on itself, 122 yards.....I was lazy and didn't feel like spinning more of the seafoam for that so just decided to have a little constrasting yarn by plying it on itself.  Not sure what this will become when it grows up - it will sit on the shelf and marinate a while.


  1. Just how much yarn do you have marinading?!! ;)

    1. Handspun is not a tremendous amount - 4 square foot bins of it but some of that is leftover from other projects. Yarns for weaving is another story - I'm not one to plan a project and order the yarn for it - I stock shelves and shelves of yarn and pull from them for projects.


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