Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the front lines

Here's neighbor Merle on the front lines of the Old Blue Mtn fire yesterday - it's the one near friends of mine.  He and his buddy own a fire truck, a water tender and bull dozer - this fire truck is working around the clock with him and his buddy working 12 hour shifts. Merle is in his 70's and works like a 40 year old, or maybe that's 30. Carol said he came home last night smelling like a smoked fish after working in that bowl for 12 hours - he was up and out before daybreak again today. I haven't seen a fire update yet this morning, hoping all went well in spite of the winds that kicked up yesterday afternoon and evening. I feel much better when the water tender is sitting up the hill from me filled with water.......  Have I said yet today that I hate fire season???  Well, yes, once so far, it's still early....


  1. Oh Cindie, lucky man to be doing something he loves in his 70's and of such benefit too. You have mentioned you hate fire season, a time or two. I certainly understand wanting that beauty of a truck nearby. I am in love with our fire departments fleet of them myself. A lot of private folks have their own around here.

  2. I can't believe what a lonnnng and horrible fire season it's been up there! I bet you're soooo tired of it! I sure hope it all ends soon so you can get back to some less worrisome days and cleaner air. Be safe!


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