Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday morning I started winding a 12 yard towel warp - didn't last long because of the danged heat - this record setting hot summer is wearing on me. This morning I finished the warp and started to wind it on the back was hot and stuffy......this cotton warp haloed.....ack.  It happens once in a while that warp threads will halo and catch other warp threads but this was a record - I couldn't get one revolution around the back beam before I was pulling apart the warp thread halos here and there. Does anyone out there know of a solution other than using this cotton for weft?  It's good cotton from Henry's Attic and I have huge cones of it and would rather use it for warp. This morning was an exercise in patience. I wish I could have gotten the heddles and reed threaded and started weaving but I had to go to town so it will have to wait.

Supposedly our temps are coming down for Saturday & Sunday (back up starting Monday) so I may get some roving dyed......if the forecast is correct.

Insult to injury - on top of a summer and probably an autumn full of wildfire concerns - now many wells in the region are drying up due to the two years of drought. Sheesh........


  1. Would sizing on the warp chain help? I haven't tried it myself, but seen it suggested frequently for troublesome warps.

    1. I don't know if it would help or not, will have to see if others have tried it. It would definitely add a lot of labor/time to the project.


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