Wednesday, August 13, 2014

County Fair

This is the colorful roving I was spinning today at the fair - it's Superfine Merino from a dye day last month.......only I didn't dye it.  My friend Kathy G wanted to come over to help me dye only she doesn't spin and has never dyed roving.  I made her pick colors and dye 2 pounds on her own and this is what resulted - it's very fun.  I'm spinning up 8oz of it for her.  If you want to see what everyone was doing today at the fair go over to our spinning group's blog to check it out.


  1. What fun!! I love the colors in the roving and it must be so much fun to see them pass through your fingers and turn into yarn. That's some mighty fine spinning you're doing! :-)

    1. I'm hoping when I ply it on itself it will be a fingering weight - then I'm gifting it to the friend who came over to help on dye day and actually dyed that roving.


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