Monday, February 3, 2014

Winners announced

Here are the winners of the Valentine pin giveaway
1 - Thistle Rose Weaving
2 - P (Pat)
3 - Sue O

But there were only 5 comments for these and I feel bad about the other 2 who didn't win - Lesley Ann and Tinker Tots, so I have a small gift for you too - a few of my handmade stitch markers.

Now I need mailing addresses so I can get these out in the mail. Thistle Rose I have yours, P I've got you covered too but I need everyone else's. I'll try to contact you but if you haven't heard from me because I have no contact information please email your address to cindiesam at yahoo dot com. 

I'll get them out in the mail as soon as I've got the addresses and can get out the on the schedule is the culvert at the end of our 1/3 mile drive being replaced from the log truck turnover in the ice last month so unless they finish early (or don't show today like scheduled) I won't get out to the post office until tomorrow.


  1. Cindie, thank you for the Valentine gift! Hope your weather is getting better, we are expecting another 6 to 8 inches tonight which I gotta tell you is a blessing for the well. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. it's been chilly here, no snow in the mountains, only a few inches at the ski resorts - no rain - hoping the rain they're forecasting for the weekend really happens or wells here will be in bad shape this year. Wish we could get some of the snow in the Midwest and back east in our mountains.

  2. Aw, thank you, Cindie! I just have fun commenting so if you'd like to "pass it on" to someone else, or just save the gift for another rainy day, that's great with me.

    I love following your crafting and being inspired. I just wish I had more time to apply that inspiration!

    1. ....and I appreciate your comments and reading my blog. Since no one else had commented for the giveaway I'll save the stitch markers for another time - thank you.

  3. I feel greedy taking the stitch markers, now, but it's too late. ha I received them today. They're very pretty and I thank you for them. They're much nicer than the bands from my electric toothbrush that I generally use. :-)

    Thank you again.

  4. I am so excited! I get to wear my new pin to work next week! Thank you so much! Happy Valentine's Day! (my sister is envious)
    Love you,


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