Sunday, February 9, 2014

One warp off, another to go on........

I finally got back to the loom to finish up that warp based on the name draft 'Sand and Sea'. I wove 4 placemats and a runner with green and tan for the weft, very subtle, then today I wove this runner using lavender and white for the weft. They are in the washer as I post. 

I pulled out a painted warp to put on the loom next, enough for 3 tencel scarves.....have decided on 8 harness turned twill blocks using a Fibonacci sequence for the warp blocks and will treadle random size blocks......will be fun to play. Not sure if I'll get it on the loom tomorrow but I'd like to think so.....sometimes life gets in the way........

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  1. I love to read about your projects ~ always so much on the go! Looking forward to the Fibonacci scarves.


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