Saturday, February 1, 2014

Final name drafting

I started getting this warp on the loom yesterday, finished up this morning and started weaving placemats and will eventually weave some runners. This is another example of a name draft for my April guild program - it's 'sand and sea'. It's very subtle which is not good for a photo but I really like it - there are 3 colors alternating in the warp, a very pale blue, pale sea glass green, pale lavender. The ground weft is a bit darker sea glass green with a tan pattern weft. Warp & ground weft is 5/2 perle cotton - pattern weft is 3/2 perle cotton. The original thought was to weave 6 placemats and 2 runners, now am thinking 4 placemats (3 woven so far) and 3 runners - I don't think 6 rectangular placemats will fit on the oval table at the beach cottage - if I have 6 for dinner I'll use some round placemats. Am thinking at least one runner might lean toward lavender.

On another note for those of you who are curling enthusiasts....if any of you are. I found the NBC schedule for televising the Olympics and was very pleased to see quite a bit of curling including games the USA teams are no playing in. You can bet I'll be setting my dvr for all of it. If you're interested in the NBC schedule for when events are televised (in the States) click here.

In 12 minutes online registration opens up for the Complex Weaver's Conference....which is why I had to walk away from the loom. I'm hoping to get my 1st choices in seminars but even my 2nd & 3rd would be quite ok. I've never attended a Complex Weaver's Conference so I'm pretty excited. Sam and Bailey will hold the fort down here while I'm learning new things there in June.


  1. Love the light shuttle in your picture, is it a Bluster Bay? What type of wood?

    The name draft is lovely Cindie, wish I could be at the guild meeting I would like to hear your lecture. Hope you were able to register for all the CW classes you wanted to participate in, I have never been to one of the meetings but hear they are interesting.

    1. Oh I wish I could answer your question about what type of wood the Bluster Bay Shuttle is. I buy them at conferences where I can pick them up, I like lighter weight shuttles so I don't go for the wood as much as the weight. Bluster Bay shuttles are my all time favorites - they feel wonderful in my hands and work great.

      I got registered for CW but I'm not sure when I hear if I got my first choice classes - it wasn't in real time for filling classes, which I had expected, had to give 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices for each of the 6 time slots.


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