Monday, November 25, 2013


Sheesh - I have been away from the loom for way too long. This afternoon I decided to put a warp on to weave some fabric for our Christmas cards.
First I wound the warp of 20/2 perle cotton - cone kept falling over, it was a big cone, bottom heavy, it shouldn't have fallen over at all - an irritation after dealing with the yarn catching first on my sweater buttons (I had sense enough to take the sweater off at that point), then catching the tie on my yoga pants (which I had the sense to finally stick inside the front of my pants).
After winding the warp and getting it wound onto the back beam I started threading the heddles to an overshot draft/pattern. So what happens, I'm almost done threading the heddles and I'm looking at my shorthand notes for the draft and realize I had 2 of the same number next to each other - that can't happen - argh - and why did it take me that long to notice it. So I look for my error, pull all the threads out of the heddles and head to the post office with bags of orders to go out in the mail. Back to the loom with my rewritten shorthand notes - I finish up and I have extra threads - not a big deal if it was just a couple as I wasn't paying super attention to how many I was winding since it's just for fabric and if there were a few extra threads no big deal.  But it was 16 threads - argh.  I take my shorthand notes back to the draft and realize I forgot 4 ends at the beginning of each repeat.  Still not a huge deal as I was weaving an extra 'border' in-between motifs for extra fabric that will be hidden when I put together the cards.........except I put extra warp on to use for some small ornaments so that mistake will show up when using a 5" piece of fabric as opposed to a 2" piece for the cards - argh. So it will be back to the drawing board/loom tomorrow - just can't face pulling all those ends out of the heddles again this afternoon.  Do any of you other weavers make so many mistakes in one project? It's not the norm for me but I certainly did it today.......tomorrow I'll be much more with it.......


  1. I have so been there! Nothing else to do but walk away. It makes you think you're a total idiot somehow, but things usually go better the next day!

  2. Oh Cindie, Yes, we all have. Some warps simply don't come easily, no matter what we do. Hope a fresh morning start ends the torture....

  3. Some days it seems you just can't win for losing!

    Hopefully when you get back to the loom, everything will go smoothly! ♥


  4. Never fear Cindie, we all have days when nothing absolutely nothing is working. Leave it, a fresh start in the morning will make all the difference.


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