Friday, November 15, 2013

Etsy treasuries

This weekend the handweaversofetsy team and the vjse group team (vintage jewelry) are challenged to put together treasuries promoting both teams along with some items for sale elsewhere on etsy. What a fun challenge. Treasuries are flying fast and furious already and the weekend isn't even here.....some of my etsy shop items have already been in 6 treasuries this morning. I wasn't sure of how much time I'd have for it so I've already gotten two treasuries done. Help out by following the links to etsy, favorite each treasury, visit the shops, favorite them and/or the items. I've seen some beautiful vintage jewelry putting together these two treasuries. There's a prize for the etsian that has the most popular (favorite) treasury at the end of the weekend so favorite away on mine.

I love what I found in the blue/green range for the above treasury. Here's the LINK to it on etsy.

And here's a real holiday themed treasury - here's the LINK to this one. I don't know about you but I remember holiday pins/brooches from when I was growing up.

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