Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Curling revisited

I've gotten numerous emails about curling since my post - I'm not the only one who loves the sport. Cousin Claudia posted a comment to my post with a link to the Colbert Report of him visiting the US Olympic Curling team and giving it a try - very funny.  Here's the LINK if anyone is interested. Yeah, yeah, most of you aren't interested but I know a handful of you are, those closet curling enthusiasts that you are.  Cousin Claudia also mentioned that there may be a curling club up in Seattle - I googled it and there is - Granite  Curling Club. You can bet if I'm up there I'll be checking it out and maybe even giving it a try......might have to be a trip Sam and I make rather than one of the fiber events as my fellow fiber peeps I travel with may not be quite as enthralled as me to give curling a try.

Update:  as if you were waiting for with bated breath for this update - I googled Curling Clubs in Oregon and there's one in Portland around 4 hours north.......and then there's one in Klamath Falls, a couple hours to the east although that one didn't have much on it's website as far as when they're even open and the page with info on curling was in some other language....kind of strange.....


  1. If you come for the curling, we will treat you to an intro session (or "open house") at the club.

  2. I LOVE to watch curling , as well. Tried it , not very good at it, however it was a lot of fun. Here in Canada, there is a curling rink in almost every town. Last year our men's and ladies team ranked 1 and 2 in the world standings. Very proud of our curlers.

    1. I knew there were lots of other curling enthusiasts out there Gail - I keep hearing from so many who love it - very fun! I'm sure whenever I get to try it I won't be very good but it looks like fun. Lucky you with so many curling rinks in Canada! And congrats to the Canadian teams!


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