Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Numbers of note.......

First number of note - worked on quilt blocks yesterday and now am up to 120 of them - whoo hoo.  I guess sometime today I'm going to have to sit down with the calculator and figure out exactly how many I need for the quilt. If I make it king size I figured just under 160 but it's for a queen size bed so it will be a bit smaller.

Fire Updates: not so bad for the 5 here, more have started in other areas of Oregon and Northern CA. The region (SW OR & No CA) is expecting thunderstorms for the next several days, not a good thing since it usually means dry thunderstorms with lightning that may start more fires although they're forecasting that there's a possibility they will bring a little moisture from the south with them.

Brimstone Fire - 2372 acres burned, I heard 80% contained with total contained by tomorrow afternoon but this morning on the Incident Report at 5:30am reports it at 100%.  Many of these fire fighters have already moved over to the Big Windy Fire.

Big Windy Fire - 9192 acres burned - 0% contained

Labrador Fire - 2020 acres burned - 0% contained

Douglas Complex Fires - 38,406 acres burned - 17% contained

Whisky Complex Fire - 7409 acres burned - 30% contained

Countdown - 56 more days until rain

On another note - rude awakening at 3am this morning when a 90 pound Bailey jumped up on the bed and laid on top of me. What a weanie he is - the smoke detector in the sewing room was chirping, we could barely hear it but he sure did. Sam got up, got out the ladder, replaced the battery and Bailey was happy and back to snoozing. Of course it took both of us forever to fall back to sleep.......


  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for rain!

    Those smoke alarms always go off at such bad times. Funny how it scared Bailey. Good thing you had a battery. Our alarms take those squarish ones and if we don't have one and stores are closed we're out of luck. We haven't figured out a way to stop the chirping without a new battery as they are wired into the house electricity too. Weird system. lol

    1. We have the same type of system with the alarms being wired in with battery back-ups. Ours also take those rectangular batteries - I'm going to go check how many we have left because if one went I'm sure the others will shortly.

  2. Bailey was protecting you from the loud night gremlins! Good Boy Bailey!


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