Thursday, August 15, 2013

Can't you just smell that piglet breath???

Ok, so I don't really know if piglets have yummy breath like puppies do but I want to imagine that's the case. I would have loved to have snuggled one of these 2 week old piglets today. There are actually 12 of them in the pen at the fair with momma. What is it about piglets that makes everyone ooh and ahh over them?

Today after lunch I walked down to see some of the 4H livestock - slim pickings this year on goats & cows/steers - more pigs and sheep.  I didn't go in the bunny barn or the chicken/rooster house. Thanks to those that commented on my post from yesterday on their county fair experiences. Our fair was busier today because between 10am-noon it was half price to get in but still not as busy as it used to be......and really there is so little to see it's not worth half price. Big disappointment with fair food this year, our spinning group's guilty pleasure, not much to choose from.

On the fire front - fires still burning, some folks still evacuated, some on evacuation notice, fire fighters building lines and working hard, they're here for the long haul. There is lots of back burning going on and today I heard they were using Helitorch Aerial Ignition - I don't know exactly what that is but I'm imagining flames shooting down from a copter lighting areas to back burn where it's too dangerous for fire fighters to be in......but maybe it's dropping something that explodes?  I don't know - anyone else out there know??? 
Countdown - 46 more days until rain.


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