Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's back.........

It's back - my Bernina is back, I'm so excited and I'm planning on putting it to use tomorrow working on quilt soon as I calculate how many more I need now that I'm getting close to having enough. Jonathan at Top Stitch in Medford charged me for the part only, a board of some sort and he got it ready for me in short order knowing I'd be there today for a Bernina class. Of course a new foot (plastic package in front) had to come home with me - I've got a 1/4" seam foot for quilting but this is the one with the guide on it - it's going to be great for getting super perfect seams when I start sewing the quilt blocks together.

The Bernina class was on a crossbody bag - it was interesting but really geared toward people with the super expensive machines that have embroidery options, drawing options (yes, drawing with fabric markers), bling stencil making - way more than my machine will do....and mine will do a lot. I've signed up for another class (only $10) next month but it's on a quilt pattern so I feel confident it will be geared more toward everyone. Now I know to ask what type of techniques are in each class so I don't take another one not geared toward what I am capable of doing. But a good thing came out of the class - it reminded me about that edge stitching foot that came with my machine - I had forgotten about it, what a great tool for doing perfect edgestitching.

On the fire front (skip if you're not interested)  19 lightning started fires from a thunderstorm yesterday, none of them terribly close to us but 2 were close to two of my fiber friends, it's sounding like they were all jumped on so quickly that they've been taken care of.  Some areas actually got some rain - our area of the valley  got 3 minutes of light rain but it got windy and helped with the smoke, this morning I could actually see some blue sky in one direction, very exciting.  Here's the latest on the fires......

Brimstone - holding at 2372 acres burned, 100% contained.  They were working on this one heavily today with the copters dumping water in one area where the terrain is so bad fire fighters can't get to it - nice to have that smoke lift so they could fly.

Big Windy Complex - 14,085 acres burned, 5% contained - I looked at the fire map on this one that is west of us and see a new finger of fire burning on ridge tops in our direction - argh. Not a danger to us unless it continues on this path.

Labrador Fire - 2020 acres burned, 0% contained but it has been holding at this acreage.

Douglas Complex Fire - 42,651 acres burned, 28% contained. This one keeps moving south toward our area, if it continues on part of it will hit the Brimstone.

Whiskey Complex - 10,466 acres burned, 35% contained.

Some new fires in Northern California from the thunderstorms are being fought. More acattered thunderstorms in the forecast thru the weekend but am keeping our fingers crossed no new fires start in the region.

Countdown - 53 more days until rain

Oh crumb.......just hearing thunder now.......


  1. Enjoy your sewing class you just never know what you will learn. Sure do wish the fires in your area would go away, please stay safe. Pet Bailey for me.

  2. Yay for having the good old Bernina back! Too bad the class was targeted towards the fancy shmancy Berninas, but better luck with it next month.

    Glad you got a little glimpse of blue skies! Hope those fires die down soon!!


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