Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stuff for Sale

I've added a new page to my blog called Stuff for Sale. I will be adding fiber related items here and there as I simplify my life and attempt to find new homes for items I no longer need (making room for new items I really do need). I have so much that I've bought over the years that I've finally come to the realization that I will never use, it's time for them to go to someone that will enjoy them. They are for sale for much less than they could be bought new. Check out the new tab on my blog called Stuff for Sale every once in a while to see what's new. I've just posted a number of children's books and two felting kits. As I go through my studio I'm sure I'll find more fun things to list.


  1. That's an interesting idea, certainly eweunique :) I'll be curious to see how that goes - might want to try it myself.

    1. Time will tell if this is a good idea or not....


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