Thursday, April 25, 2013

A bit of sewing.....a petal pouch

I did a little sewing yesterday to try out a little pattern I picked up at Sewing Expo in March - it's called a petal pouch. This is the largest one, maybe big enough for sock knitting supplies - there are two smaller sizes in the pattern too.  I'll be making more of these for little gifts this year.
I put a couple more things up for sale on my "Other Stuff for Sale" page on the blog. I had so much trouble - it kept putting the pictures in weird places and then pictures of the needlefelting kits totally disappeared, had to put them back up, very puzzling.......and aggravating........


  1. Cute bag. I can't tell -- are the patches tacked down to the main part of the bag, or are they loose to "flutter"?

  2. The 'petals' are loose to flutter Claudia


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