Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sewing Sunday

Sewing Sunday was at my house today. I took pix of the foods I prepared for the theme I had of finger food/appetizer/tea party food. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the entire spread after everyone else got here with their contributions - it was impressive. It was an afternoon of a lot of eating, talking and a bit of fiber fun......but really a lot of eating.......

Endive Leaves filled with a cream cheese/smoked salmon spread, topped with a caper

Fruit kabobs of strawberry, banana and grape with a yogurt cinnamon dip

Kabobs with basil wrapped around a marinated mozzeralla ball, artichoke heart and cherry tomato

Tea sandwiches of potato bread spread with butter/apricot preserve mixture - inside stilton with apricots, sliced pear, then the butter/apricot mixture on the outside edge before rolling in pistachios - YUM

Lemon sandwich cookies


  1. TOTAL yum factor!!!!! My mouth is watering, just looking at these pictures!


  2. Oh geeze you made me hungry! The food looks just fab!

  3. Beautiful and yummy looking! My mouth is watering.


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