Monday, August 20, 2012

This is not new.....

This skein is not newly spun, it's from some Lorna's Laces roving I bought and spun a number of years ago. So, why am I posting it? Because I plied it with quilting thread and I wanted Teresa from North Bend to see - hope you check out my blog again Teresa. (click on the picture to see a bigger view) She is working on spinning up some very fun novelty fiber with all sorts of fun accoutrement in it, maybe plying with sewing thread or rayon embroidery thread will work for her fiber. Generally I'd say use a fairly dark color - in her case maybe a dark green/teal or black, many times I use black. In this case I used gray because these colors were so soft, with most other colors this gray would dull them too much. This handspun made a beautiful crocheted shawl for my mother - I've got enough left for at least a couple scarves.....someday.....

It was back into the heat but today only 89 in comparison to well over 100 last week. I spent much of the morning packing up numerous fiber orders, printing postage, doing bookwork and worrying about where that copter was going. I did find out - a small fire at Indian Mary Park not too far from us, they knocked it out quickly. Then right after that another fire out in the Applegate, a bit southeast near where some of my friends live, that one knocked down quickly too.....thank goodness. I hold my breath during fire season - can't wait for rain which could still be another 6+ weeks away. Part of the afternoon was spent weaving on the towel warp, evening will be knitting on the shawl.


  1. I have plied with quilting thread and silk thread too. Both worked wonderfully and gave drape to the wool yarn. Love it!


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