Thursday, August 2, 2012

More kits ready.....

This morning I got 24 more of the kits put together, this afternoon all labeling done, boxes closed up and put in a huge, I mean huge, box. In-between there was a Fiber Mania committee meeting which luckily was just a 10 minute drive from my house. Ok, so I changed some of the names - a girl has the right to change her mind, at least before all the labeling and listing in my etsy shop are done. The name of this product is Fiber Landscapes - my friend Yvonne was helping me brainstorm and brought up strata and the earth so that's where I started thinking landscape. So, then I really thought I should change a few names to go with that theme. The purple colorway is now Purple Mountains Majesty, the red is Strawberry Fields Forever. Hopefully these will get listed in the one etsy shop tomorrow.
Waves of Blue
Rain Forest
Down to Earth


  1. They are pretty colors! What are the kits for?

    1. Hmm, what are the kits for? Well, really whatever a fiber person wants but one thing in my mind when putting them together was nuno-felters who would like a nice selection of colors & fiber but not a tremendous quantity of each color. But they'll be great for spinners too - what fun to blend those colors at the wheel while spinning. They'd also be great for any wet felting or needlefelting.

  2. B-e-a utiful...I like down to earth


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