Monday, September 5, 2011

Seen this before?

Has anyone ever seen one of these before? I found it in an antique shop for $8. It's called a Spin-Fix and says Made in Germany. It sits on top of the clamp and spins. The arms are adjustable although they're next to one another rather than in a cross design like the swifts we usually see. I'm sure it's a yarn swift. I tried searching online for any information but no luck so far. Not sure how I'll use it but it was a fun find.

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  1. I actually own 2 of these. I think at one time they were given as a premium from Lee Wards, Herschnerrs or mary Maxim. If you open up the, I think it is called a wing nut, you can open the arms to form a square. Adjusting to the size skein you have. The bottom clamp attaches to the table. This was acquired sometime in the early '60's. They belonged to my gramma and mom. We also got from the same place a German wood ball winner. I used thi until about 8 years ago when something failed in the gears. I kept it any way. I may someday see if someone can fix it. The swifts are the only ones I use and the only damage that has occurred is one of the pegs came unglued. Thank you for posting this it was fun.


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