Monday, September 19, 2011


Turned on the computer this morning, checking mail, read 3 of them, then off to a website and down went the internet. I went through turning off/on the modem, rebooting the computer - nothing. I had orders to mail which meant postage to print.....and I needed to be at the post office when it opened so I could be back to dye all that merino I weighed out on Saturday. So, off to call Centurylink......argh

Me: (after listening to many computer voice generated prompts) "I have no internet, could you tell me if there's a problem here locally"

Audrey: (hmm, I'm thinking, interesting name for someone with an accent.....thinking of the movie Outsourced that I just watched, cute no brainer movie) "Let's trouble shoot"

Me: "I've already rebooted, troubleshooted the modem, all lights are green but it's not working....oh there the internet light went out, now back on"

Audrey: "Let's check that modem - what is the Qwest model number"

Me: "It's not a Qwest modem, we've gone through two of those, they're designed to fail after one year, this is a different brand that works great"

Audrey: "Not a Qwest modem? What kind is it - what is the name & model number"

Me: "Make is XYZ - I can't get find the model number (standing on my head under the desk) but I really don't think it's my modem, I've already checked it...can't you check to see if there's a service issue in my area?"

Audrey: "Can't you move your desk to get the model number?"

Me: "No it's at least 200 pounds.....can we please check to see if there's a service issue?"

Audrey: "Let me talk to my upper tech support"

Me: (on hold biting my tongue - why does this always have to raise one's blood pressure?)

Audrey: "Let's trouble shoot that modem"

Me: "It's not the modem!!!!" (now 40 minutes has passed)

Audrey: (perturbed with me) "Let me talk to my upper tech support"

Me: "Thank you"

Audrey: "There is a problem with service in your area, engineers are working on it and it will be fixed within 24-48 hours, we will call you when service is restored"

Me: "Thank you - why couldn't you have checked that 40 minutes ago?"

Off to the post office (late) to mail orders the old fashioned way at the counter which costs me more $$$. Told the gal at the counter about internet since I usually just drop my packages with postage on them - we agreed that the terrorists have it all wrong - what are they doing blowing up planes and buildings - just knock out our internet.....and cell phones! We'll come to a screeching halt and probably kill each other in frustration after talking to our providers on the phone. She added they could knock out the credit card processing machines too and really cause havoc.

Service came back on in a few hours.......still no call to tell me it's restored like promised although I wasn't sure why I needed it since I'd know it was back on.

Ok, so even though I don't agree with outsourcing since so many people here are without jobs it doesn't neccesarily mean I'm getting inferior service - I would probably get just as crummy service from someone in Anytown, USA......but it would be nice to talk to someone in the area where service is coming from. Back when I was having major problems with Qwest DSL I contacted the CEO, a friend knew of him through her former business life and assured me he answers every email personally very early in the morning - he did and the problem was fixed within a day, new equipment installed down the road.

Now back to the dye steamers to take out the last of the merino......rinsing still lies ahead of me as well as making more stock solution to be ready for next dye day.

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  1. That sounds very familiar. We have DSL though our small Idaho telephone company so it's all outsourced. In the end, after all that routine, they find a problem and return us to service. Argh.


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