Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to my first love.....weaving, that is....

It's close to 100 degrees out so it's definitely not a dye day so it's back to what I love to do most and haven't been doing enough of - weaving. This afternoon I wound an 8/2 black tencel warp for 4 twill scarves. Here's the first one, just some random diamonds on the one end, I'll probably vary the treadling on each scarf. Still auditioning colors for the next 3 scarves.


  1. So so pretty!! We just haven't had those temps this year. I finished a warp today and while I felt warm, it was still in the 80s. I love that part of where we live~

  2. Wow! That's lovely.

    I really need to do a point twill. I'm just daunted by experimenting with multiple heddles on my Rigid Heddle loom.

    But now that both kids are in school, I may just have to warp and try it next week!

  3. Yes, it will be a challenge to deal with multiple heddles but give it a try on a sample warp.


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