Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tea parties and other thoughts......

   Ok, so this is not a new picture - it's from one of my tea parties a few years back. I didn't have any new pictures to share today so I pulled this one so you wouldn't have to look at only text. This was a tea party for 8 - the biggest I've ever done. And believe it or not every person got their own tiered tower of goodies......and I do believe we ate it all........drank a lot of tea..........and did a lot of visiting all afternoon.
   On the bottom level we started with scones, I know one of them is lemon, one hazelnut, can't remember the other. Lemon curd, homemade peach jam and homemade clotted cream.
   Then next were the savories on the middle level, I know there's stilton/pear sandwiches with pistachios around the edge, phyllo cup with crab, cream cheese with veggies, can't remember the others. I do have an extensive tea party recipe file but am too lazy to go look them up.
   Then the sweets on the top...pecan tassies, currant tea cakes, fruit mini-pies and pudding with cream in chocolate cups. And throughout the afternoon we had an assortment of teas. I haven't taken the time to do any tea parties lately.....will need to start thinking about it again.
   So, on to what's happening fiber wise - not much. The spinning I was working on is at a standstill. I'm not sure I like the art yarn I was spinning that I had started plying beads onto but it doesn't matter at this exact moment because the poly footman on my Lendrum broke the other night bringing plying to a standstill. I still don't like the romney/mohair I started spinning, feels too rough even going through my hands. I'll probably finish spinning this bobbin and call it quits, might do ok in a felting project. My friend Yvonne will love spinning this stuff.
   Yesterday was a trying day in the sewing room. I wanted to sew a simple little top to match an outfit I made earlier in the season. First pattern I didn't have enough leftover fabric to make, second pattern the directions were all screwed up, page 2 printed on the backside of page 1 was for another pattern. I will compliment Butterick though, I emailed them about it and within 30 minutes I received a pdf with the correct instructions. Of course, I don't have enough material left for this pattern either. So, a third pattern sits out that will work but I was tired of the thought of sewing by then so I moved on to finishing up a 3 scarf warp - scarves woven and washed, fringes need to be twisted now. I think I'll plan the next warp for the loom - I need some seaglass themed towels for the beach cottage.


  1. Oh bummer on the patterns...did you try a lay out with the pieces? Sometimes they are generous with the yardage. I know I've eeked out stuff on occasion with less yardage than stated. Of course if it is directional then probably not.
    Sea glass towels sound beautiful.

  2. Oh and the tea party..looks amazing!

    BTW, I never got back to comment on Bailey. My folks golden has occasional seizures. I often wonder if they are tied in with low blood sugar at a certain time of day.
    No clue really.

  3. Oh yes, laid out the fabric, but with some creative piecing the third pattern set aside will work.

    Hmm, both Bailey's seizures were in the evening.....

  4. I'm rather at a spinning standstill, though not due to equipment failure but to languishing interest. I'm going to finish the skein I'm spinning, ply it with its friend and then take a break. Just because I've spun every morning in the past doesn't mean that I have to do that now. Time out.


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