Thursday, August 18, 2011

County 2 & 3......

First thing Wednesday morning this year's wool judge showed up. She was great, she explained how she judges a fleece and then proceeded to talk about each fleece in depth. At first there were just a few of us there that needed to be there early for her but gradually more and more showed up and were standing around listening to all she had to say.
And here are the fleeces with all the ribbons. There are some beautiful fleeces in the bunch. Since I'm still trying to find new homes for stuffed fleece sheep I brought in 8 of them today for the champions and reserve champions - the dark fleece in teh center with the biggest ribbon is the grand champion - she got a big stuffed sheep!  ......sure hope no kids swipe those little sheep this evening while we aren't there to guard them.....

And on another note - just as I feared, temps increased to like normal and we have fires. As I write this there are 10 fires burning in-between Gold Hill and Rogue River, one right across the river from a friend, and not terribly far from several others I person I need to still contact who is right in the middle of it. I heard the copters out here near our house but not going over our place like usual, they were leaving where they sit not too far from us heading in the direction of Gold Hill. Hubby was caught in the fire traffic as they closed the highway and alternate route but he's now home safe & sound. If I haven't said it yet today.....I hate fire season.....


  1. Groan. I know that anxiety. Our first sound is the fire planes - copters come in later. We're still okay but my friend who works fire dispatch says this is on the first month of the three-month season :(

  2. Yes, they all seemed to explode at the same time too.
    It was quite commotion on the radio I can tell you!

    That's a great use of spare sheep! :)

  3. this morning is between 400-500 acres, hopefully they can make headway early today while it's cool and before the winds pick up in the afternoon.

  4. Fingers crossed on the fires! Scary, aren't they?

    Kris is a great judge. She started as a meat sheep show jock, but once we corrupted her with wool sheep she has learned a ton, and is great at passing that knowledge along. Glad you were able to see her in action, and to find new homes for some of your stuffed sheep.

  5. Oh fun , you know our judge. She mentioned starting as a meat sheep person. Even though this judging was just for sheep someone brought 4 mohair fleeces so we let them stay. Kris was a good sport judging them not knowing anything about them, she said she will learn though for next time. Another great judge we've had is Amy King.

    Fire report, fire is contained, a few out buildings lost but no homes lost and no firefighter injuries.


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