Saturday, August 27, 2011

Futte, futte, do, do, do, do, oh futte, futte.........

Yep, that was me singing the futte futte maker song this morning while making felt balls for more wheel jewelry....or people jewelry. You can see it in my post of May 23rd of this year. It's addictive, I thought I'd make no more than 15 of them. The futte futte makes quick work of felting balls but don't ask me where to get it - no one can find it out there on the internet at the moment. I got it at back in the spring but after I showed it around and wore my jewelry this spring and summer there was a run on them. Now these balls will dry, then I'll add silver wire, beads and charms to them.


  1. If it works the way I think it does....what a great invention! Fun! :-D

  2. Well, dang! I need about 20 of those for when I do Kindergarten demos on felting.

    Then again, the kiddos do pretty good with their hands and some like making felt "worms" instead. ;)

    Your felted baubles are lovely!

  3. A felting friend, Loyce, found that using those plastic easter eggs worked great with kids for making felt balls.

  4. That's a great idea! Thanks!

    I was also thinking about a tea-sifter which might do the same thing as your Futte Futte.

  5. Oh, the little tea ball could make smaller felt balls! Great idea!

  6. Don't forget to show the finished tutti-fruti. I can't get my head around your description.


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