Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beautiful day......

It's a beautiful day.....a bit cooler, breezy, kind of feels like autumn.....although I understand this is temporary, will be very hot again by Friday. So, I'll take advantage of this good weather for the next 2 days - will spend Wednesday & Thursday dyeing BFL.
Just now I blocked two recently finished pieces; the traveling woman shawlette and another mesh crocheted scarf.
Here's some of my hand-dyed Polwarth I recently spun, I added in some sparkle with hand-dyed firestar. I'm not sure what I'll make with it yet, I've got 574 yards. Originally it was to be art yarn.....I added the firestar while  spinning the singles, added hand-dyed silk ribbon in plying and then tried to add a binder of rayon thread with beads in another ply. Well, it didn't work, I should have added the rayon thread with beads at the same time making it a 3 ply yarn. So halfway through I stopped the 3rd ply, ran it through the wheel again to unspin it a bit and pulled the thread with beads off. Then with no binder the silk ribbon wouldn't stay put so I pulled that out. What a lesson learned........

Current reading - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver


  1. I'm curious about what you think about the book. I'm a fan - I think I've read all her fiction but the last. I'm a little uncertain how I felt about this book.

  2. On the fence on the book.....it's interesting enough for me to keep reading though. I've only read The Poisonwood Bible which I liked very much.

  3. My book group read that a couple months ago. That was a kick in the stomach and yet at the same time I loved it. I'm not sure I could read it a second time, like I feel I could about so many books I enjoy.


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