Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not much to show.....

Not much to show on the fiber front right so here's a picture of the merino/tencel roving dyed last week. Last night I did spin up some samples of the merino/tussah dyed last week, love the way they turned out. I don't know how my customers feel but right now I'm feeling like I don't want handspun that ends up having stripes so I'm dyeing the roving using up to 10 coordinating colors in small sections which results in a beautiful tonal handspun. Will get a picture later of those samples. I haven't spun samples of these two yet.

Sunday was spent over-hauling the studio. Sam helped with moving one small loom out, it's being stored in the under the steps closet right now, emptying and moving out a big entertainment center which has now found a new home, unloading wire shelving, moving the shelving and loading it back up all in preparation for the new AVL coming sometime next month.

Yesterday I moved the big Macomber to it's new spot with hopes that the empty space will accomodate the new loom, it should since I have the measurements. I also took down critters on high shelves, Boyd's plush animals - all sheep & a few llamas! And out of that entertainment center came tons, and I mean tons, of small sheep & llamas and sheep related 'stuff''. I picked out my favorites, ones that were gifts or handmade by friends, put them back up on those shelves, not crammed like before but nicely arranged. It felt good to keep the ones that really have meaning to me......and some others I just can't part with. It's time for all the sheep related items to find new homes. I have loved them over the years but they're becoming too much, too cluttered, I can't think in there. Hopefully those that gifted them will forgive me for passing them on, it's time......and I hope they stop buying. So, right now my brain is hard at work figuring out ways to find new homes for all these critters - maybe some giveaways on my blog, maybe some of the little ones will become gifts with purchase, maybe $1 grab bags at Fiber Mania...... will be doing some brainstorming. I was feeling so good in my newly transformed digs that late yesterday afternoon I got back to work on those needlefelted pincushions, have 2 left to finish.....and finished up my marathon watching of the 4th season of Dexter.

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  1. It is always nice to declutter. That was a huge undertaking. It must feel vast in there now!


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