Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 pounds of dyed merino/tussah silk roving...all in a day's work


  1. Wow, you have got to be one of the most talented ( and busiest) person I know! It all looks beautiful. Where do you get the energy?

  2. Energy??? I think I lost it several years ago, I don't get half done each day that I did not that long ago. Back aches this morning from constantly bending over to rinse rovings in buckets. Today will be an easy day, I hope - 3 pounds of merino/tencel and a pound of silk hankies.

  3. Oh my gosh, they're GORGEOUS!! What colorways are these?


  4. These are all dye day surprises - I just felt like playing yesterday. There's around 2 pounds of each, little less of the pretty pinky/peach/red one - that one is beautiful......and the sea glass colored one on the left side too. They're all nice but those two are my favs..


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