Friday, July 22, 2011

Life is short......

Last night I went to bed with tears in my eyes knowing this was coming, another loss in my close fiber community overnight, that’s two in a very short period of time. So, this morning the tears are still flowing for the one lost and the one left behind. Life is short…..and stinks at times…...

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing and not doing, it’s a conversation in my head that’s been nagging me on a daily basis for weeks. So, this morning I went back to read my December 31, 2010 post – how quickly one can go astray.

Somehow I need to figure out how to make changes, and make them stick. It will always be a work in process but as long as I’m heading in the right direction that’s progress.


  1. Yes, it's a sad morning ... reminds us that life IS short ... and we have to be grateful for every day we have with our friends and loved ones ... and NOT take those blessings for granted!


  2. I'm so sorry Cindie. I've been having a lot of thoughts too lately of a serious nature. I'm not sure it's a bad thing to take stock and make sure we're using ourselves, our relationships and our time to the best of our ability.


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