Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothing much to say, no pictures to share........

Well, I have nothing much to say, haven't done a whole lot fiber wise other than knitting around 6 rows on my current shawl project which has now reached the stay focused, pay attention, don't talk while knitting stage. Played with the embroidery machine this morning stitching on my friend Yvonne's t-shirts and towels, got my supplies together for seminars at the weaving conference that starts on Thursday, and put together more felting bunz kits to list in my etsy shop.

We spent the holiday weekend on the coast, friends from down the coast came to visit bringing their lab mix which Bailey thought was great fun. We drove up to Florence on Saturday to browse all the shops and galleries and they've got some great ones. We also had the Royal Tea luncheon at Lovejoy's Tea Room. We've been there before and always enjoy relaxing with a pot of tea or two and eating yummy food.

Not much happening other than unseasonably cold rainy weather, just like it does all winter long.......

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