Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bernina time........

Not much to blog about lately - took off Friday evening for the coast, back Sunday night......been doing a little sewing and weighing out wool since. I did end up getting a pair of crop pants out of the rest of the rayon batik from the flouncy top pictured in my last post. Yesterday I started this outfit after spending 90 minutes trying to figure out how to make buttonholes on my Bernina. The only time I made a buttonhole was in the new owner's class I took over 4 years ago, book was lacking a bit in details. I eventually figured it and boy amd I ever impressed with how easy it is and how wonderful the option of it saving the size to do multiple buttonholes all the same, even the next day. Of course, after all that I decided just to sew closed the front of this top and put the buttons on as embellishment......decided after putting the button tabs on that it's never the kind of top I'd wear unbuttoned and it slips easily over my head. Now I need to find a pattern with lots of buttonholes so I can use that feature on the machine. The fabric is more of the rayon batik I bought up at Sewing Expo in March....pattern - Indigo Junction, Asian Nights PJ's (although these aren't pj's).
Below is a close-up of the bottom of the pant leg. I would have put the pants on the mannequin except it would have been a pain to turn the mannequin on it's side to slip them on just for a picture.....I'm lazy.
Have picked out more fabric from the stash to start another outfit, may get to work on that tomorrow.....need to put the machine to sleep soon and get back to weaving though.....after a few more pieces of clothing.........

The rest of the afternoon will be spent weighing out Ashland Bay roving in 8oz bags, labeling and storing in tubs for future sales. I started this job Monday afternoon, need to finish it up as the room I'm working in has little floor space's covered with at least 60 bags of wool roving now, more to come.

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