Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally finished plying......

So does anyone else find plying extremely boring? I finally finished plying this big skein, 708 yards in all. The fiber was from Crosspatch Creations, their Rainbow Roving in the Victoria into the Woods colorway - Corriedale cross/tussah silk/silk noil. I love the way it turned out with all the bumples from the silk but it was a challenge to own little personal challenge to spin because I normally like to spin nice smooth soft fibers with no bumplies. Not sure what it will become yet, will think on that later down the line.........


  1. I don't just find plying boring would rather go to the dentist. Right now have at least 12 full bobbins, recently had to ply several just so I could have empties.

  2. And I hate the dentist, was there on Monday.......but that appointment did only last one hour as opposed to several hours plying this yarn!

  3. Yep, I find it boring too, but when I do it a little at a time, it gives me time to relax while still doing something useful:-) Your skein is beautiful and it would look nice made into a pattern that is designed for tweedy yarns.


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