Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the needles........redux

Last night I took out the start of this scarf because I wasn't happy with the gold along the beginning edge of it - much happier now. Needles will not be clickety-clacking away at this scarf, have other things I want to work on but when I'm in the mood for knitting I'll pick it up - can't be without a knitting project. Will be a surprise to see how the coloring works out, didn't do anything but tear the roving in half and spin so not sure if there will be lots of striping or more combining of colors - it will be a surprise.


  1. Like this way much better, smart to frog it.pingir

  2. Oh, I like it better too. Pretty pattern either way.
    So, you have all our coyotes! I haven't seen one up here in quite some time, not like we use to. More foxes though. It would seem some of the larger predators have moved them out as we are seeing more bears and more cougar.

  3. We have boatloads of jackrabbits this year - always have a lot but this year I'm seeing even more. Lots of turkey toddlers at the moment too......and, of course, Phil the pheasant. New coyote poop on the drive every morning - last week a pile of bones down the hill on the driveway that caught Bailey's attention. Coyotes sing all night long.


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