Friday, July 2, 2010

Another dye day

This is where I do my dyeing - it's in front of the 3 car garage and under the deck so I'm in the shade for everything except the rinsing of the roving. I have the painting table, the dye mixing table, another table for supplies and when I'm also kettle dyeing I have a table for the roaster. Below is my 2 burner propane cooktop with canning pots that I have vegetable steamers sitting inside to hold the rovings up off the bottom of the pot. I also have many 5 gallon buckets and am thinking of getting even more.
Here's the Falkland roving I dyed today. Look at that green - yeehaw! For each of these 3 colorways I dyed a lighter shade to coordinate the main color. On the far right is a small bit of roving I dyed vibrant colors - there's enough to spin and knit up a pair of fingerless mitts, possibly a pair of sox, need to weigh it once it dries and see.
And here are the two sock blanks I dyed - are they crazy or what - they'll make great socks. It's a stockinette stitch blank knit with 2 threads at a time (from Knit Picks). When I start knitting the socks I'll knit both at once and they'll be identical.


  1. What a great dyeing set-up!! (Of course, I can do something similar if I commit to dyeing during the warm part of the year instead of the cold part!)

    Love the sock blanks! Can't wait to see them as socks!


  2. Pretty impressive set up. Love some of the newly dyed roving...merino? BFL? Something exotic???
    The sock blanks look really really neat! Love them!
    Stay cool.

  3. Okay, I should read more carefully instead of drooling over the pictures. It's Falkland and I'm loving the greens! :)

  4. I love the greens too - and the Falkland is a dream to spin, similar to merino in the finished product, nice and springy.

    Will be anxious to see how the sock blocks knit up but when I finish up the current pair of socks I'll be taking a break from sock knitting.....want to do some other projects...


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