Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun package arrived today!

Remember when my friend Kathy made me a felted beaded bling tiara for winning best use of handspun at the nwrsa conference? Well, while at the conference I told the powers to be that a tiara would be much more fun than a plaque. Guess what arrived in the mail today? A sparkley needlefelted tiara. I did my best to get a picture of it complete with little dangley sparkley sheep. Is this fun or what! This does have to be passed on to next year's winner along with the rolled parchment paper proclamation that arrived with it...the good part of that is that I'll keep the one Kathy made for me rather than donate that one to the cause. Oh I should have mentioned that Diane of We Bee Felting made the tiara!
This is the beautiful hat box it arrived in - wow!
On the fiber front - I finally finished the scarf warp I started last month, got them washed last night, they still need the fringes twisted. These started out to be a two block twill using the variegated bamboo warp. I started to weave and wasn't happy with the results so I switched to plain weave which I rarely do other than when weaving chenille. I like the end result much better. I crossed each scarf with a different color bamboo; black, sage, purple. I've got a chenille scarf warp going on the loom next, I'm running low on scarves and must get weaving.....I've been goofing off lately.
And here's the fair display I've been working on. Jury is still out on how I attached the photos - I used a double stick carpet tape that's supposedly permanent. Well, already one of the pictures fell off. I'm hoping after they sit on the canvas a while they'll stay but I might have to come up with a backup plan in the meantime. All our skeins, handwovens, crocheted or knitted items in the display this year will be the result of one of the 4 colorways we've done in the garden party the past few years.


  1. after our last email the only thing that ran through my mind is I bet she got a tiara!!! gosh!!!! it's so cute!!!!! you lucky thing...Queen for a year!!!! you totally deserved it tho...we expect to see you in it soon!

  2. What an amazing bit of headgear! Now, you are wearing it EVERYWHERE right? I mean you should certainly enjoy it at every opportunity this year. The scarves look great. And hats off for getting started on more in chenille. I've seen them they are beautiful. Nice display for the fair!


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