Friday, January 15, 2010

I've been very lax with posting to my blog. I guess I just haven't been up to anything much worth posting. There's been all the end of the year bookkeeping and counting inventory which is very slow since I'm looking at every color of Ashland Bay roving and every colorway of my hand-dyed rovings thinking about how much I'd love to spin them all! But I do have to get back to work - I've got a guild program to start working on, it will be on woven devore, I've got 2 guild challenges, fingertip towels to weave for this year's exchange and then the rest of the things on my very long to-do list. But this week I've been doing some sewing - will get to a post on those things once I finish up....which will hopefully be today so I can get back to weaving.

This is my handspun from the garden party fiber from a recent post. This is a huge skein of 782 yards that came off my Majacraft plying bobbin. So, I pushed it, at the end I was having trouble getting the yarn to pull onto the bobbin I had it so loaded, finally I had to give up and leave a yard or two on the bobbins, it just wouldn't fit on. Lesson learned, don't try to get quite this many yards on one plying bobbin. I'm not sure yet what this yarn will become - another item on my to-do list is to either knit or weave with it before we put up the fair display in August.
Theresa knit a pair of socks using Zauberball, once I saw them I knew I needed some of this sock yarn. Never mind that I have two shelves filled with sock yarn, I couldn't resist. And it wasn't just this colorway I couldn't resist - I bought several others!
I'm anxious to start a knitted/felted project - perhaps I can get that going in the evenings and put aside the sample spinning (Ashland Bay fibers) for a bit. But first it's off to the sewing machine for the rest of the day............
On another note: Last night at the community concert we listened to a very fun trio - Casey MacGill's Blue 4 Trio. We love these community concerts that we started getting season tickets for a few years ago, we get to see all sorts of performances that we may not have ordinarily gone to see. These guys were very entertaining. Check out their site if you want to listen to some fun 30's-40's tunes, I just checked it out and listened to 3 tunes while posting on the blog, not sure how many play.

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  1. I love both of your yarn pictures! That pink just reminds me of summer....which I'm missing right about now!



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