Sunday, January 17, 2010

Been sewing.......

I've been sewing recently. This is the Standalone Bag that I finished up today. What a challenge - the directions were lacking so I ripped out stitches a number of times before I figured out what I was 'really' supposed to do. This is the large size, there's also a mini size. On this large size there is no closure planned but the mini pattern had it so I copied that pattern piece and put a magnetic snap closure on this with a button sewn on top for decoration. I'd love to make the mini but it will take a while before I have the patience to do another one. I bought the pattern only, already had this great gingko fabric in my stash. The gal who sells this pattern also sells kits with all the materials and finished bags (go for the finished bag if you're interested unless you like a challenge). She had a booth at OFFF this past September, also has an etsy shop.
Here's a side angle.
And here it is opened up - very cool that it stands like this. I'm thinking it will make a perfect knitting bag or drop spindle tote. The large pattern also had inside pockets. I made them, had them pinned in and then decided not to sew them on, I probably wouldn't end up using them.

Here's the other pattern I've been playing with sewing. The pattern was a bit too small so I blew it up on the copier in one direction. Now it's the perfect size for sock yarn and the socks in progress on the needles.......or anything else fun one wants to put it in.

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  1. Cool bags!! Last time I sewed a bag, I was amazed at all the work that went into it. And it doesn't seem nearly as complicated as these two.

    I can always use more bags though....because I keep finding knitting projects to put in them!



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