Friday, January 1, 2010

Bailey and New Year's

Ok, so Bailey is just about as much of a New Year's party guy as we are -the look on his face at the thought of wearing the ridiculous tiara grandma brought over for him today says it all. And believe me it was tough getting this picture - he was ready to rip it to shreds. He was in a much better mood once he lost it and settled in to watch the Oregon Ducks play in the Rose Bowl.........they lost which was too bad but they were there so that was great.

On the fiber front - I really haven't been doing anything - I've been frittering and totally enjoying it (well other than lots of pesky bookkeeping I was behind on). I have done a bit of knitting and felting, but not much. And just today I broke out the wheel to spin more Ashland Bay roving samples. While spinning I'm dreaming of getting a Woolee Winder for one of my wheels. As soon as I'm positive it will be for the Majacraft Little Gem I'll get it ordered. May take a while to get it since Woolee Winder had a fire 3 days before Christmas but that's ok, I'm not in a rush. Am thinking about a sewing project, maybe hit the fabric store tomorrow for some cording.


  1. Oh poor Bailey! he doesn't look like a willing Baby New Year one bit!
    Fabric store are there still any of them left? Seems Joanne's is about all I've seen for general fabric stores.
    Bummer about the Ducks, we watched the game too on and off.
    A new woolie winder sounds wonderful. I wonder if they ever got their spinning wheel into production.

  2. No, there are not great fabric stores around here - great quilt fabric stores - two right there in Ashland. Just heading to Plaza Sewing here in Grants Pass today with hopes of finding simple cording. They don't have a huge selection of fabric but do have a nice selection of wool felt fabric. Textile Connections here in Grants Pass has incredbile fabrics from around the world - she closed a couple years ago but is still online and will open by appointment.
    Didn't see the new wheel at Black Sheep Gathering or Oregon Flock & Fiber this past year so I'm thinking the new wheel is still in production.

  3. That's a great dog picture!!! I never have good luck with dogs and hats/tiaras/antlers either.

    Happy New Year!

  4. OMGOSH...I just laughed and laughed when I saw this picture of Bailey....poor thing....he looks pretty put out!!!!


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