Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I'm overwhelmed at the moment, so much so I couldn't even find a suitable photo to go with this post. You see, we've been thinking about moving for the past year but hadn't really committed until recently. It's time for us to get off acreage and move into a neighborhood. We're at the point where we don't want to worry about dead trees, fallen trees, ice & snow on our steep 1/3 mile driveway, etc. Oh, and there's the fire danger I will not miss, we have no escape route here if a forest fire starts close by and we're on a hill surrounded on both sides by ravines. There's no where in our region that's totally safe from fires but it will be better at the new house. It's going to be sad to leave this home we've had for the past 15 years but we're ready for a new adventure. We will miss our extra large covered deck and the privacy acreage provides........and we will miss our neighbors but we're not going but 13 miles closer to town so we can still see them.

We have found a house and are moving forward with buying it. We have not listed our current house yet as we want to make sure the purchase on the new one goes through.............and we have to spruce it in clean it out. Our current house has tremendous storage, so much so that we just kept filling it up without moving anything old out. This is where the overwhelming part comes in - we're cleaning out closets and storage rooms and right now that job looks like it will never end. I have found that I need to go on several diets - a knitting yarn diet, a fabric diet, a bead diet, a roving diet, a craft supply diet, a shoe diet, a purse diet, kitchen stuff diet and I'm sure there are many other diets, including the normal diet to lose weight.  And there's the weaving yarns but there are 3 things exempt from that diet - tencel, silk and cottolin as I go through those at a fairly quick pace...........although there's no weaving going on at the moment.

I still have stock of roving to sell in one of my etsy shops - it's all 20% off thru May 26th and I'll most probably extend the sale beyond then. I really don't want to move it and I'd like to use those bins in packing up the house. I have been trying to move the remainder of the roving as I'm not going to be selling it any longer once my stock is gone. So if you need Ashland Bay roving check out my shop HERE

Now off to figure out which closet to tackle next..........


  1. Oooohhhhh. I moved in 2015 from a house on 24 acres I'd been in for 30+ years. Moved to the city 80 miles away. Very glad I made the change, but it took me 18 months to prepare, get rid of tons of stuff, and fix things in preparation for the sale. I did have to do it all alone, but no matter what, it's a hell of a lot of work. I don't envy you that, and do hope you'll like the new home as well as I like mine.

  2. Congrats on the moving front but not so much on moving storage stuff.

  3. GOod luck with all of this new adventure. We will be doing the same in a year or two and I am not looking forward to the daunting task of going through this big ole house of mine.

  4. We both need the same diet. :) Best of luck with the new house!

  5. The timing is good though, before summer heat and wildfires. Wishing you a speedy and expeditious sale and move!


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