Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I'm on a roll............

I'm on a roll with these painted warps. Although I'm not excited with the autumn colored ones I'm going to knock them out. These 5 painted warps have been sitting on the shelf for too long so it's time to get them woven..........then I won't feel guilty when the weather warms up and I want to paint more warps!
Here's the second scarf on yesterday's warp - got it woven off this morning

And this afternoon this painted warp went on the loom. I'm ready to start auditioning wefts for the 2 scarves on this warp - so far I've got 5 colors to try. This warp is tencel like the one above.

Next painted warps up are a silk one in golds/purple and another tencel one in autumn colors. I'm taking advantage of time I'm getting in the studio this week - it used to be the norm but life seems to have gotten in the way the past couple of years. And with this time in the studio I decided it was time to start listening to an audio book, #4 in the Outlander series, Drums of Autumn - there are 38 discs - I've listened to 7 so far.


  1. You know, I read that whole series many years ago. I wouldn't mind listening to them while I weave. I'll borrow them through the library, starting with book 1.

    1. I started out reading the series but then found it was taking me too long to get through a book so when someone in my spinning group said she had most of the audio books we all jumped on it and have been passing them around. Did you know the series has been on Starz? There have been 3 seasons so far, each season goes with a book. Casting was perfect, everything true to the books.

  2. It is so inspiring to see what you are weaving with your painted warps! Such lovely colors and patterns. It's very helpful to see the wefts you consider to improve my ability to consider how colors will look together. I like your fall colors, but I can empathize with the urge to use different colors.

    For my weaving, I need to clean up enough to be able to reach my little Harrisville 4 treadle to put on the towel warp I have been planning for months. It's so easy to dump things moved for holiday decorations in front of the loom. Perhaps it's time to take down the holiday decorations and make some space..... Luckily I can warp my Flip and Cricket using tables in the driveway and not do battle with helpful cats.


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