Tuesday, August 29, 2017

 This was the yarn I spun while demo'ing at the fair - it's blocked and ready to go on the shelf until I decide what it will grow up to be. I still need to count up the yardage so I know what I've got, it's a monster skein off my Hansen electric spinner.

This is what a sunrise looks like when we're socked in with smoke.....this morning it's not yet as bad as it has been but give it a couple hours. We have fires surrounding our area - the smoke extremely unhealthy. Extended forecast for temps 100+ which is never a good thing with these fires. I feel so silly complaining about them with what's going on the Houston region.........that devastation is beyond belief, my heart goes out to all affected and who will be affected for years to come.


  1. That yarn is GORGEOUS!!! I'm still amazed at how much fire has been up there all summer and it's not even fall yet. Yikes! Still hoping for cooler weather and rain for ya'll! We're in a super heat wave down here this week. It was 112 on my car thermometer on Sunday before the days that are supposed to be realllly hot. I'm just hiding in the AC until it passes. And, hoping we don't end up with a bunch of fires because of the heat, the wind that's forecast this week, and the possibility of thunderstorms. I'm ready for fall!

    1. I hope those thunderstorms don't happen down there - that's where many, but not all, of our fires came from - a week of thunderstorms......and then there are the ones caused by idiots doing things they aren't allowed to do during fire season.....

  2. We too have had tonnes of smoke this summer on Vancouver Island and it seems to keep me on edge. Just smelling the smoke makes me want to run...I completely understand how it can hamper your creative process. Love your yarn and the county fair booth looks so inviting.


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