Thursday, August 24, 2017

 When under stress I have trouble doing much of anything creative - the embroidery machine fits the bill, not too much thinking required and I've accomplished something.
New towels for sale in my etsy shop.......yes, I'm actually thinking ahead to the holidays.......for once.  I am loving all these towels but those pumpkins are so danged cute - I'll definitely be stitching up some for me too.

I hope all stay safe in Texas and surrounding states with the approaching hurricane, torrential rains and storm surge.......sure wish some of that rain could be spread out along the west coast.


  1. The towels are too cute! Never saw an embroidery machine at work, so just you create the designs yourself, or are there patterns?

    1. I buy these designs, they're saved on a laptop and I hook the laptop up to the machine. A person can design them themselves if they buy software to do so. I just don't have enough hours in my day to spend time learning how to do it and then actually doing it - I'm happy buying stock designs. I have considered my logo in embroidery - I can pay someone else to do it for me at a very reasonable price......I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    2. I also have a very inexpensive hobby machine - it's just for fun for me, it's not a business where I'd need a commercial machine.

  2. Great job on the towels. They will make great gifts.


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