Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's a war zone out there...........

Today not only the planes have been flying over the house but the copters have been flying directly over the house too, yesterday the copters were taking a different route. Must be some great air traffic control out there on the fire line. I took this photo standing on our deck. All day some sort of aircraft was going over the house, sometimes every minute, sometimes every 5 minutes. Then it stopped.........until just now -  must have been a change of shift, or dinner break. It's really un-nerving to not be able to get up to the minute updates on what's happening on this fire close to us, I keep seeing updates on other fires including some new ones but not much on ours.

This morning I went to the fairgrounds to help set up our display - we'll be sitting there spinning during the fair, talking to the public, eating fair food and having a great time. Since then I've tried to get some stitching done on the little holiday stocking ornaments but keep getting sidetracked with fire activity.

Have I said it yet today - I hate fire season.........oh yes, I think I've said it several times but this is the first time here today............


  1. We had two fires erupt here today, one less than a half mile, likely from that strike a couple days ago. Amazing how they can smolder for days. The second one some asshat decided to light a slash pile on fire. OMFG!

    1. I heard about a couple fires over that way but I wasn't sure exactly where they were. I can't believe someone would light a slash pile at this time of year - I hope he gets charged and gets presented with a bill for fire suppression.


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