Sunday, July 23, 2017

New embroidered towels

I've updated my Etsy shop with some newly embroidered towels that will cater to fiber or farm lovers........well, with the exception of the Skull & Crossbones Santa which I just couldn't resist stitching up. More new stitched towels to come when I get some more time at the embroidery machine.

The towel on the top right is The Fates - a newer design for me that I think I'll have to stitch up for a few spinning friends. The Fates are 3 mythological goddesses who control the threads of fate. Klotho, the spinner who spun the thread of life, Lakhesis who measured it and Atropos who cut it short. Zeus Mioragetes, the god of fate, was their leader. It's really hard to see the lovely goddesses in this small photo - my etsy shop shows a bigger view of it.

Weather forecast is for thunderstorms these next 3 days - not a good thing as they're rarely accompanied by rain, only dry lightning that will cause fires. We've had several fires near us in the past two weeks, thank goodness all put out quickly.  Have I said yet today that I hate fire season.

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