Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just back from a few days on the coast - spotted this new 'condo' going up right on the beach - Bailey had to check it out to make sure construction techniques would stand up to high tides........sadly the next day it was all knocked down..........maybe the builder will give it another try.  

I've come up with a new solution for the politicians eager to repeal and replace the ACA with something that will not be the best solution for all of us Americans who need health coverage. All those politicans health insurance should be the same exact insurance of any new health care act they come up with. Admittedly they can afford the premiums but would they be happy with the coverage....or lack of coverage........if they even qualify for any coverage! Guys/gals - just do what's best for all of us out here - don't give us less if anything at all - don't repeal something just because it's called Obama-care - work on fixing what's there and making it the best for all who need to purchase health coverage on their own - and if you just can't stand it change the name............


  1. Well said! I totally agree! They just need to fix the parts that don't work. I'm still holding out hope that someday they'll actually understand that and do it....before they ruin it all together!

    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I have often said the exact same thing. Lets see how well John McCain's surgery would go if he did not have adequate healthcare. I love your golden, I have one too. He is almost 13 and is still such a love. Have a great day.

  3. The 'condo' is a construction feat...wonder if they'll try again.

    As for the DC folks...if only.


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